2 thoughts on “Beavers

    1. Hi Judith. The answer is to only allow beavers where it suits us. If beavers pop up in, say, East Anglia where land is grade 1, flat and low lying beavers must be controlled. This can be by relocation or lethal control and we are urging stakeholders now to come together to work out a sensible management plan for beavers which involves a hierarchy of control measures so that we don’t get into a situation where our hands are tied.

      In other situations such as the valleys around here where the rivers are already choked with fallen trees as there is no one to manage them any longer, beaver dams are easily removed either by pulling them down with hand tools (I’ve have done it, it’s not difficult) or with a machine. We very much like the Bavarian model where interested local people respond to beaver problems. We are not saying there will not be problems with beavers, there will, but on the ‘beaver balance sheet’ the pros weigh out the cons. Beavers can improve flood water retention by up to 5000% allowing it to drain gradually through a catchment rather than charging down a valley sweeping away all before it. They create fantastic habitat for other wildlife and help to filter out slurry run off which is a huge problem in this area.

      If you’d like to visit us and see the effects of beavers first hand on our farm just drop me a line.


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