We have changed the clocks and now the evenings are much lighter. This means that we can again see beavers in the evenings. It’s still a little early yet but in the next week or so visitors should be able to get a good hour or more of sightings. The hide is ready to go so bring your flask and binoculars and come to see proper Welsh beavers. We charge £20 for an evening’s watching. This includes a guided walk through beaver habitat and as long as you like in the hide. Just email to book an evening.

The Lake Lodge

The Beavers have had a very busy winter building dams and extending lodges. The lake lodge particularly has grown enormously. By now there may well be some kits inside, they are born fully-furred and their eyes open soon after birth. Within a few weeks they will begin to venture outside. It’s always wonderful to see the first young with their shaving brush fur taking their first few swims.


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